The Club’s History

The club was founded in March 2011 when Kathryn Michaud and Nicole Himmelwright were introduced to each other by the SBU Men’s Soccer Club President at the time, Derek Cope.  In the first semester, between 2 and 11 people showed up to a given practice. Despite the frustration and disappointment, they stuck with it and were able to scrounge up 10 players for the team’s first ever game against Elwood, a LIWL team.

The following semester, they ranged between 6 and 20 players at practices. The club was finally officially recognized as a club by Student Activities and had games against college teams such as Hofstra, Fordham, Lafayette, Drexel, and New Paltz.

The following semester the club really began to be more consistent. With an average of 16 players per practice, the club played against more teams, such as University of Albany in addition to the previously played teams. The club finally became SSC recognized, the first step in receiving school funding, and were able to get a tiny amount of funding from Stony Brook Undergraduate Student Government. The club also hosted it’s first ever tournament April 21st 2012.

The club’s fourth semester was when it’s true potential was displayed. Daniela Giuliani  was hired as our Head Coach and Julio Jaramillio volunteered as our Assistant Coach. The club made two teams and had tryouts to determine who was on the competitive team and everyone else played on the recreational team.  The 27 girls on the competitive team were able to compete against other schools in the NIRSA league in the Region 1 division. It was the club’s first time being in a league, and we were able to make it to Regionals in PA to compete against The College of New Jersey, Georgetown, and American University. Kathryn was also able to get the local Buffalo Wild Wings to sponsor the club, get an office in the Student Activity Center for the team, and collaborated with Three Village Soccer Association so the team didn’t have to paint the fields before home games or pay for them, which the club had done in previous semesters.


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